Windmill Metal Company is a resource supplier of non-ferrous metal for manufacturers. Our expert selection and process of non-ferrous metal leads to the recycling of valuable resources for a long time. Our recycling contributes to sustainable production processes combined with an energy consumption as low as possible. We have specialized machines at our disposal like cut scissors, a shredder and press which means we are able to decrease, cut and press.
Innovation is very important in the world of recycling. Therefore Windmill Metal Company is always searching for more effective solutions and smarter applications. In this way we take the lead in the industry and serve our clients with customized services, the newest technologies and qualities.

Accurate control

Our specialized and driven staff monitors the continuous quality of the incoming scrap and metal. They take care of correct loading and transhipment. If ever they will execute a thorough inspection just before or after transport. Windmill Metal Company has equipment at its disposal to load and unload expertly, quickly and efficient.