Windmill Metal Company

Windmill Metal Company is a contemporary company specialized in processing non-ferrous metal to raw material for all kinds of industries. Although a fairly young company we can hark back on more than 25 years of experience in the metal recycling market. Nowadays Windmill Metal Company is an established name in this sector.

We offer a large variety of recycled non-ferrous metal of the highest quality like alloy, copper (brass), lead, stainless steel and zinc. Besides we work on a large scale of related products. All of our materials are processed with the support of the newest technologies and machines. Our processed materials are ready to be used by end users and thereby directly usable as raw material for our customers.

Quality guaranteed

Windmill Metal Company focuses on the business-to-business (B2B) market while ultimate service and top quality enjoy our highest priority. As a sign of this we have a consistent stock available for our regular customers continually. All our activities happen indoor which is unique in this type of industry. To guarantee our quality we analyse our inbound shipments in these specific cases we have doubts on the quality delivered. We control and analyse our outbound shipments to deliver the quality our customers may expect from us.

Expertise and extended network

We focus on purchasers in the business-to-business market. Our extensive knowledge of the products and market makes that we – together with our for vendors and customers – exploit the opportunities in the market optimally. Due to our worldwide contacts with finance and trade professionals in this industry we have an extensive network of high quality which our suppliers and customers also benefit. Our markets are especially Europe and the Far East.

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